Started in 2016, Wonder Mother LLC is the brainchild of Lelia Scheu. While nursing her own son, Lelia dutifully drank gallons of water in order to stay hydrated and to boost milk production…yet she found herself wondering if she was getting all the nutrients she needed. 

Lelia tried to find supplements specifically formulated for nursing mothers. Drugstore shelves were packed with pricey pre-natal vitamins, but Lelia couldn't find any research to show that pre-natal vitamins were appropriate or safe for lactating women.

So Lelia turned to an expert: her brother, a chemist who has worked on some of the best-known effervescent supplements on the market. Working with him, one of America’s leading effervescent tablet manufacturers, and lactation consultants, Lelia developed a product that is uniquely nutritious and delicious.

Wonder Mother is positioned to become the go-to dietary supplement brand for moms. The company’s first product, Nursing Tabs, will immediately be followed by multi-vitamin and energy formulas (expected rollout in 2017-2018). Ultimately, Wonder Mother’s product line will expand beyond nutritional supplements to include smoothie mixes, snack bars and other nutritious and convenient prepared foods.

About Us

Family is at the heart of Wonder Mother. The company was co-created by siblings Lelia, Jim and Mary Scheu, who each bring their professional abilities and their love for children to the brand.

The idea for the company’s first product, Nursing Tabs, was conceived during a family vacation when Founder and CEO Lelia Scheu was nursing her son. Exhausted from six months of breastfeeding, Lelia went looking for a specialized supplement for breastfeeding mothers, but couldn’t find a suitable one. That’s when Jim, a food chemist, stepped in with some ideas.

Mary’s health food industry background proved the perfect complement to their talents, and Wonder Mother was born.

Lelia Scheu (Founder and CEO)

Having worked as both an architect and a lawyer, Lelia has deep experience in leading large, multi-faceted projects. She is also a health and wellness aficionado with a special focus on infant wellness. Her chief aim is to help women have profound, wholesome, and rewarding experiences with their children.

Jim Scheu (Director of Operations and Development)

A professional chemist, Jim’s background is in nutritional supplements­­ with a specialty in effervescent formulas. Jim led the development of  Wonder Mother’s Energy and Multi-Vitamin formulas.

Mary Scheu (Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing)

A food industry veteran, Mary is an expert in factory-to-shelf. She now manages Wonder Mother’s packaging and distribution. Mary’s longstanding contacts in the health food industry enable Wonder Mother to tailor its products to their requirements and needs, and to reach store shelves with ease.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before consuming any nutritional supplement. This product is intended to complement a healthy diet and exercise. It is not a meal replacement. Keep out of reach of children.